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Hannah could not contain her excitement, as she sped home from work right exactly at four in the evening. The curvy, brunette, 18 year old was happily ready for the greatest night of her life yet, as her blonde highlighted tips blustered in the wind. Today was the day, today was the day she finally was free from the ball and chain that was constant student obligations in high school. Today she was finally liberated from lexicons of ancient and archaic teachings far outdated.
Today was her day.
As she pulled into the driveway of her midwestern home, the happy girl found herself getting giddy from the exciting thought of finally being able to go out and have fun. At the thought of the evening, she raced upstairs, to her bedroom and slammed the door, pulling out the dress she saved for this day, the dress she’d wear underneath her gown to happily be awarded a diploma.
It still fit like a glove, a figure-hugging, curve enhancing, booty lifting glove, that shoved off who she truly dreamed of being. It was a blue fabric, which lightly glowed at any light that shone upon it. To compliment, she wore a darker blue pair of tights, and a red leather belt, which hugged her waist firmly, but comfortably.
Examining herself in the mirror, she smiled, as if nothing could stop her anymore, no parents to clip her wings, no ex to hold her back from exploring new terf, no blue girl in the mirror just behind her to- blue girl?
Hannah spun around and found nothing. Not a speck of a person, or a fragment of their existence, just her favorite blue knickers with purple lace. She wore them with the matching bra the night she decided to break up with her ex, feeling they somehow imbued confidence in her body. Hannah pondered a moment before stripping back down to her undergarments, and removing those as well, replacing them with the blue and purple lace rimmed ones.
She slid back into the dress, and looked up as she buckled the belt, jumping backwards as she came face to face with the blue girl again. She shrieked and blinked, opening them to reveal not a soul was there in front of her, or in her room. Hannah slid on her favorite heels, which were red and flashed quite noticeably, before re-examining herself in the mirror.
Her jaw dropped.
“What in the hell?” she cried, and placed a light palm on a green spot in the center of her nose. It spread slowly, but trickled nonetheless, as she watched mesmerized by the color’s movement. A flash of blue elsewhere drew her attention, as the blue girl sat upon her bed, face aimed downward, enshrouded in darkness.
“Who the hell are you?!” she shouted at the petite framed figure.
No response, beyond breathing.
“Well?!” Hannah shouted again, much more sternly this time.
“My name is Jessie The Mess. I was once beautiful, like you. But now, I am cursed to do unto others’ beauty what was done to me…” Jessie murmured.
“What do you mean you freak?” snapped Hannah angered by the vague details given by the blue girl.
“This!” Jessie shouted in response, showing her face, dotted with bubbling flesh that burst every once in awhile to release a small, plump, blueberry. There were droplets of juice dribbling out of pores where fruit once were, and her mouth seemed gashed on one side, as it curved upward in a half glasgow smile. Although hideously deformed by whatever event caused her such a transformation, she still seemed slightly attractive in some capacity. Hannah could not understand why, but a pain in her abdomen drew her attention away from Jessie.
As she examined her body again, the dress no longer hugged her tightly around her waist, and instead sagged. She gasped for air, as her entire torso, till just above the curve of her ass, squeezed into a tight space. Hannah screamed, and tried to examine her ever changing body as she felt stiff in the arms and sluggish in the legs.
While her upper body was green, her legs and butt were blue, a dark blue reminiscent of a blueberry. She groaned as her body began to change much more drastically, her legs leaking juice as she felt them puff up. Her dress began to slide down her legs, as she struggled to waddle out of the room.
Jessie slammed the door shut, and shoved Hannah backward. Her girthy legs began to grow heavier, juice pouring out of her lower body, as she moaned loudly. Hanna struggled to caress her growing lower half, as her stiff arms jutted upward, growing greener, and leafier. Her silken hair, which flowed like a cascade of coffee colored water, began to shift to a yellowish green, and lengthened with each passing second. Their crawling pace inching towards the window and through any crack into the outside world, as Hannah’s upper body began to shrink as her lower half ballooned up.
Her leafy hands no longer looked human, as her stiff stem-like body stretched a bit further. Her backside, which was now the most prominent of her features, ballooned in every direction, as the tightening dress wrapped around the ever fattening orb of flesh. The rim of the bottom fabric began to look spiked and tattered. Her growing legs began to struggle to move as the fabric hugged her like tight flesh.
“You deserved this. Beauty is a gift only for the best, and few are truly that in this world.” she growled.
Hannah moaned, “What have you done to me?!”
Jessie cackled as her voice seemed to splinter into an odd gurgling of its former self, “I’ve made you into a fruit you insipid annoyance!”
Hannah’s former hair burst through the windows and down the outwe walls of her house like lightning face vines, crawling maliciously as they buried themselves in the dirt just outside. Hannah groaned, as her blue dress finalized it’s wrapping of her legs, her feet and calves retracting into her thigh and backside’s girth, as the dress curled over and converted her legs into a giant blue fruit. Her hips creased inward, as her green half of body became a rigid stem for the large fruit.
Hannah moaned loudly, as her former roots pulled as they took firmer root in the ground. Jessie caressed the blue bottom of Hannah’s giant form, to smile her eerie and devilish smile.
“You are not the last here.” she whispered into the green ear of the terrified girl, before climbing out the window and down the roots, running off into the evening sun.
A knock at the door, and a creak of the floorboards found two pairs of feet walking through the unlocked gateway into Hannah’s house. Very flattering dresses and curved bodies found their ways into the living room, where an off television, peculiarly empty couch, and a fresh bowl of blueberries were found.
“Hannah!” they called out in tandem, looking for their friend.
The taller and more slender of the two girls, Jewel made a motion towards the bowl, and took a bite from the plump fruits, as the shorter and more well built Melena, went upstairs to go get their friend, Hannah. She approached the door quietly, noticing an eerie quiet in the air, as a sound pulsed from Hannah’s room.
“Hannah?” she called, edging closer as the sound in Hannah’s room grew louder and more pronounced.
“Hannah, are you okay?” Melena inquired fearfully, turning to grab a baton from a display in the parent’s room.
The pulsation vibrated through the carpeted floor, as an ominous gurgling followed each pulse of sound that shook the floor.
“Hannah, what’s going on?” Melena cried, as she knocked on the door, only hearing the loud pulses in response.
“I’m coming in!” she shouted, and counted in her head to three.
1… 2… 3!
She turned the knob and leapt in, before emitting an earsplitting shriek, as before her stood a monstrous sight. Dropping the baton, her mind processed the grotesque being that was in front of her. What looked to be a massive blueberry sat attached to a stem that had the face of her friend, which moaned in a pained pleasure every second it pulsed. The fat blue end seemed to grow with every pulsation, while Hannah’s head seemed strained by the vines that snaked outside.
Melena charged into the mass, trying to cut her friend free with her hands, and struggling to help. Hannah let out a blood curtling screech, as her former arms shot at Melena, slamming her against the wall. She screamed in agonized terror, and tried futilly to flee as a vine from Hannah’s former hair snaked its way under her dress and into her vagina, pumping a thick ooze of blue into the girl. She weakened, and watched helplessly as her body turned dark blue and plumped up, swelling fast as her humanity vanished.
Her legs morphed into one stem, as her upper body swelled up into an orb of blue, enveloping everything she was until there was nearly nothing human about her, barring the leg-like leaves and stem sticking out from under her former self. Jewel was startled by the commotion, and ran upstairs, just as Melena’s head sank under the crown of blueberry petals that dot the tops of all the tiny fruits. A vine snaked towards her and snaked its way into her mouth.
The vine converted her too into a giant fruit, which looked similar to Hannah, human at the top, but fruit at the bottom, as the three girls merged together into one hypersentient mass of fruity flesh, biologically incapable of being human anymore. The roots grew deeper, as the massive fruiting plant pulsated with growth.
Our top story tonight, a local high school faces tragedy as graduates to be were reported missing, only to be found two hours later in one of their houses by the families of the missing girls. Their condition leaves scientists baffled, as they are completely sentient, living, breathing, and looking vaguely human, but retain a completely new biological figure, as gigantic blueberries, firmly planted to the yard behind the house they were found in. What happened, what caused this, and explanations by scientists, this evening on Fox 41 action news.
Just a few miles from Saint Germaines, lay a quaint little town called Pale, where Jessie will strike again.
So I'm headed across the pond to Europe tomorrow...
I look forward to this.
I've began to write series 2 of Wonka's orchard!
In this series:
Lab accidents!
Air inflation!
Bizarre Religious Rituals!
Booby Traps!
Literal Booby Traps!
Maybe a bit of sex!
Okay that's a lie!
Or is it?
Tune in every Wednesday for the next installment of:
Whats this song? Its old, so idk if any of you would know it, but I'm looking for it hard.
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